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February 18, 2018

From The Desk of Mike Hynes

Dear Email Marketer,

Technology changes. And every time that happens, it is sure to change the way people do business. Email marketing is no exception here. Plus the sheer amount of spams, ads, and other email marketers competing for your subscriber's attention...

... it kinda makes you wonder if email marketing is dying right?

While email marketing is not having the effectiveness it used to have, truth be told it's still far from dying because email is an essential Internet tool.

It merely means you have to change your approach towards your subscribers if you want to get at least 20% to 28% of them to at least open your emails!

What You Need To Know Before Sending Your Next E-Mail...

So you've built a mailing list. Whether you have 100 subscribers... 1000 subscribers... 10,000 subscribers... heck, even 100,000 subscribers...

If you don't know how to get your subscribers to open your email, you will generate dismal results and income from your email marketing campaigns no matter how big or small your mailing list is!

Here's what you need to understand, especially if you operate in a highly competitive niche: since it is normal for Internet users to subscribe to multiple mailing lists, it's also normal for your subscriber to wake up the next morning and find his Inbox full of emails from the mailing lists he's subscribed to.

True or true?

With so many emails - including yours - screaming out for your subscriber's attention, he would go into the "judge, jury and executor mode".

So what happens next?

Emails get deleted... even before they are opened and read!

As long as your email headline doesn't grab your subscriber's attention, there's a 95% chance that your email will get deleted, too... even before your subscriber would open it!

And when this happens:

  • Your open rate goes down,


  • Your click through goes down,


  • Your sales go down too!

Sucks right?

New Approach. New Tactics.


Let's stop for a moment and look at the figures.

  • E-mail marketing has a ‘return on investment’ of 4,300%...
  • 90% of web users check their e-mail AT LEAST once a day…
  • When surveyed, companies rate e-mail marketing as being more profitable than:
  • 65% of US consumers above the age of 16 say they have made a purchase as the direct result of an e-mail campaign… 1/3rd of consumers say they open e-mails based on the heading alone!

Perhaps the most outstanding of these figures is that amazing ROI (return on investment).

How can e-mail marketing possibly net you 4,300% returns? Of course the answer all comes down to the incredible low entry price. Building a list costs you very little as you will see – but because you’re communicating personally with an audience that wants to hear from you, the conversion rate is very high.

As an experienced email marketer who have been using emails to reach my subscribers for years, I spotted a huge difference in the trend. What used to work in 2006 no longer works today.

Then there were some not so obvious details I uncovered not too long ago myself yet influential to the email open and click through rates!

Based on testing and observing 9.2 million emails sent in the past 12 months, I had arrived at a conclusion that mass human behavior is predictable to a degree. Which means there are some things you can count on indefinitely...

Which also means there are approaches that produce predictable responses from email marketing!




My Personal System For Increasing E-Mail Marketing Conversions

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You Are About To Discover The Proven Formula Used By The Most Successful Internet Marketers To Turn Their Email List Into Their Own Personal ATM Machine!

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  • Why email marketing is the easiest business model you can use to make money by simply sending emails!
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  • Key relationship strategies for building a responsive list who's always on the lookout for your emails!
  • Effective techniques for making a full time living with email marketing the right way!
  • How to pre-plan your email promotions and what you can do in between promotions to keep your list engaged!
  • Target your customers precisely and satisfy their needs.
  • Save time and effort by focusing only in KEY areas.
  • Different types of Promo Emails You Can Write
  • Mistakes to avoid when writing your promo emails

You Will Also Discover The Skills ...

Check out the sample videos yourself!

Let's summarize all the incredible benefits you'll receive in just moments from now!

  • How to increase your call to action in your email body
  • How to optimize your email subject line to boost your open rates!
  • How to monetize from every email you send out (and why 'giving away content' is pure B.S. and the bane of email marketing, contrary to what the average marketer preaches to you!)
  • What big Internet companies like Amazon and Groupon do to make massive profits from their email marketing campaigns (they just blast out p _ _ _ _ e _ _ _ _ _ one after another!)
  • The best time of the day to send out your email! (Did you know that there are also times you're better off postponing your email campaigns, or you'd risk losing 35% of the responses if you had mailed out at a different time?)
  • The best (and the worst) days of the week to send out your email! (This is TRULY SHOCKING... there are days that produce less than half the average responses from other days!)
  • Open rate boosters and killers - how simple words can pull an extra +17% and even +12% increase... and avoid wrong words that can drag down your open rates by more than half!
  • Click Through Rate boosters - like one nifty way increases your CTR by +19%! On the other hand, CTR killers include one popular but overlooked method that actually filters your email into other people's spam folders easily!
  • 6 effective ways to grow your list every day so you always have fresh, new leads you can market to!
  • How to get your subscribers to know, like and trust you quickly with little extra effort!
  • Let your customers beg you for more promos from your side means more profit.
  • The #1 thing you need to do if you want your subscribers to stay on your list!
  • How to make more money from your subscribers without actually trying to sell anything!

And much,much more...

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Email has always been one of the most powerful tools in an online marketer’s arsenal. Writing highly effective messages that yield consistent results is not easy, however. It does have a learning curve and requires a bit of practice. This guide will teach you all the basics you need to know in order to write powerful emails that spur readers to take action.

You’ll learn about the common mistakes that most rookies do and how you can avoid them, as well as how to write the perfect subject line, body content and call to action.

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Here's to your success

Mike Hynes

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